• Using the results of an Ansible with_items loop

    How to use the result of one Ansible loop in a second loop (and in templates).

  • Getting going with git2go

    How to get git2go up and running for working with git repositories directly from Go code.

  • Symfony: Logging a request's origin IP

    How to log the origin IP of a request when your Symfony app is behind a reverse proxy.

  • Environments in Jekyll

    A quick post to explain how I gave myself both 'development' and 'production' environments for my Jekyll-powered site.

  • Sublime Text 3 and modern Javascript

    I’ve recently been learning React, and while doing so have realised that Sublime Text 3’s default javascript syntax highlighting leaves a little to be desired when it comes to handling fancy ES6 features and JSX templates. This post is just going to be a quick roundup of what I have done to make my Sublime setup a bit more React-friendly.

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